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We were called in to clean a home that was being rented out, it was an emergancy, the people that lived there never cleaned once. 

The owners were devastated. The photos really do not do justice of how filthy, it was. It took us 7 hrs x 2 people working, that is how filthy it was.  

The range over the stove was black and grease piled up, the bathroom floor was black and round the toilet, there was poop on the floor, the kitchen cubert had deep stains, the walls had oil built up. Huge spider webs everywhere, like you, would see in the movies.

Here are the after photos :)

All of the walls & ceilings were cleaned twice, bathroom was steamed cleaned to kill the bacteria (products were used as well), light fixtures were cleaned, inside the closets, complete kitchen inside cabinets, floors were scrubbed by hand, washed the dried and vacuumed. It was a lot of work but the outcome was WOW.

Clients were super happy!

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